Are you looking for demolition work that strips a property down to its bare bones rather than demolishing it entirely.?

With the strip out services from WEM, we are able to completely or partially remove the interior of the building as directed, from structural elements including floors, ceilings, staircases and block walls to fixtures and fittings.

Selective demolition or "strip out" is the dismantlement or removal of select building components or finishes which do not involve bringing down an entire structure.
WEM specializes in selective demolition in highly sensitive areas, such as hospitals, schools, homes and office buildings, without disrupting daily activities and operations include:

  • Interior strips / gut outs
  • Deconstruction and dismantlement
  • Removal of interior building components
  • Removal of walls, floors and/or ceiling finishes
  • Complete mechanical, plumbing, fire and electrical system demolition

WEM's crews are dismantling experts who take special care to address all of our client's operational needs so that work is performed seamlessly and without interruption to daily operations. All projects are handled with the utmost concern for safety of both the customer and our employees. Our crews are sensitive to and proficient in performing tasks that require stringent controls with regard to dust, noise and vibration.

We employ a variety of methods in the strip out process and have access to the latest machinery to ensure a safe and efficient project. Our resources include a variety of small plant, Brokks for robotic demolition and the latest in floor removal machinery and the most innovative diamond cutting techniques where required.

Demolition and dismantlement capabilities include removal of the following items:

  • Structural and non-structural components,
  • Floor, wall & ceiling finishes,
  • Mechanical,
  • Electrical & plumbing systems,
  • All concrete & masonry construction.