WEM Technical services also provide the ultimate solution for cutting a Whaler Beams and Thrust Blocks. Due to more than 10 years of experience in this domain in executing whaler beams in UAE,(Dubai & Abu Dhabi projects), We become very well known by the client / main contractors / piling companies that WEM are number 1 in execution Whaler Beams and Thrust Blocks the reason why, because whaler beams required an expertise from the day of casting till the day of execution and required a big number of wire sawing can reach up to 15 numbers of wire sawing machines at one time in addition to certified operators. Therefore, Main Contractors request WEM to visit the site during the Whaler Beam preparation to place our input of allocating the plastic sleeve which is required the wire passing on the execution stage, in addition to allocate the steel/hooks for a lifting purposes support by a design calculation for safety measures, further more in relation with THE SUPPORT SYSTEM, WEM Engineerings due to our expertise in coordination with the Main Contractors to help design the support system to be aligned with the weight of each cut piece and to meet the safety clear measures for lifting, loading and offloading process.

Conclusion: Our vision and strategy to bring satisfaction when it comes to Concrete Demolition Solution/ Whaler Beam through Quality of servicing, Reasonable price, Deal with the challenges and deliver on time.