Demolition of building are various can be done partially or completely it depends about the needs behind the demolition, if the building is old so demolition has to be conventional using Excavator- Demolition to do so, is the building in a good shape and the requirements to have a modification on the building, then controlled demolition to be implemented using saw cutting/ wire sawing due to non-vibration system to avoid any structure impact.

Controlled Demolition is a combination between Concrete Cutting and Conventional Breaking.

Permission are needed from the competent authorities in Dubai- Abu Dhabi and all Emirates once its a complete demolition of buildings, competent authorities such as Dubai municipalities- Abu Dhabi Municipalities, Diwa, Trakhees if under free zone...

Cost to demolish a building is per square foot based on several and measurements to do so, location of the building, types of the building, Size,Time Frame, the needed equipments and resources and the methodology you are going to use all these factors can effect the cost, but we can ended with range of 30 to 55 AED per square foot.

Preparing a building of demolition permits process and site preparation is average between 30 to 45 days

Demolition work is not hard I can say is delicate and the risk has to be studied by structural engineers properly, once is studied well, methodology of execution is implemented and the demolition goes smoothly.

Building demolition work from top down, starting by breaking the top part of the building and maintain the core wall to keep the building static, once the 3 to 4 floors are broken then the core wall will follow and same sequence to be implemented till the building demolish completely.

There is no straight answer to say is cheaper or not to demolish and rebuild but it can be taken case by case and studying many circumstances, how old is the building… how much cost maintenance become…. Location of the building, change the purpose of the building from residential to commercial for example…and so many others .

Demolition is important ultimately to have a new buildings with the latest design - design facilities and technology from one part and the second part is commercially and return of investment.

Concrete Cutting / Robot Machine / Long Reach Boom along with the necessary attachments.

Robot Machine are especially designed for confined spaces where most other machines won’t fit. Faster than Jack Hammers.

Reinforced concrete can cut into two methods, the first one is saw cutting and the second one is wire sawing.

Saw cutting can be use when thickness of reinforced concrete is less than 500mm for vertical and horizontal while wire sawing can be use when thickness is 500mm and above to unlimited thickness also vertical and Horizontal.

Breaking concrete with lower sound using either Concrete Cutting method from one side and from another side crusher attachment by using Robot Machine.

Using Concrete Cutting method either saw cutting or wire sawing both method are using to prevent vibration of happening.

Using Concrete Cutting method either saw cutting or wire sawing both method are using to prevent completely vibration from one side and to avoid noise breaking from the other side.

When it comes to Controlled Demolition, WEM is specialized on this field for more than 15 years, WEM engineers provide and customise the best solution for Controlled Demolition according to each application, our goal is to provide safe methods fast and economical.

There are many factors to be considered, when it comes to WEM our expertise on this field are highly qualified and effective, certified operators and have a past experience not less than 10 years, huge number ofconcrete saw cutting and wire sawing which can be taken more than 10 jobs together, excellent customer relationships, multi network communications to open a wide channel for customer services, at WEM we can assure our customers and contractors peace of mind and economic solution.