Silicon Park, Dubai
Diamond Concrete Cutting of RC Slabs, Columns

Main contractor: China State Construction Engineering Corporation
location: Silicon Park, Dubai.
Application: Concrete saw cutting / controlled demolition.

Case Study

As WEM is a reputed demolition solution provider, China state awarded WEM other two contractors to execute the work.

Why WEM?

We presented our solution assertively in align with the site condition, time frame and meeting the contractor budget.


Our expertise comes first to assess and customize a solution method of statement to be aligned with the application and cope the concerns of the contractor.


The job application required highly skilled workers with the latest technology which has applied on site to cut off the vibration and removed the cut pieces as planned.

We have engaged our expertise to provide the necessary designed scaffold beneath the slab and cope the total slab weight, while we are doing the saw cutting and we engaged our expertise to provide a crush deck where the robot machine activity is required to break the collapse slab into breaking debris.

Concrete Cutting