Seven City Mall JLT - Dubai

The job application have 38,000 of square meters, 3 zones, and each zone have level 1 & level 2 of post tension slabs plus 3 core walls.


The site required a lot of equipments, unlike any other sites condition to be aligned with the tight program given to WEM, knowing that the site itself it is not spacious and we have obliged to do our execution along with other piling services.

List of equipments implemented on site as the following

Scope of work

3 zones total of 38,000 of square meters to be cut, lift, crush and cart away outside the site scope based on two levels of post tension slabs beside 3 core walls.

The site was pending since 2008, and the client is decided to re-design the whole previous project into a new one.


The challenges was based on three factors

  • Time frame
  • Methodology
  • Competitions

The time frame was very tight compared to the similar projects, however, we accepted the challenges by approved the time frame after the value of our engineerings.

Methodology: based on Hilti saw cutting and Hilti wire sawing due to Non-Vibration System and low noise, therefore no conventional methods to be implemented.

The competition was too aggressive, based on our past experiences in scalable projects, we become sure how to manage properly and customize economic solution while others subs having limitations to do so.

List of workers

  • Project manager
  • Engineer supervision
  • Safety officer
  • Supervisor
  • 5 number of foreman
  • 40 numbers of certified operators
  • 40 numbers of certified operators
  • 12 numbers of certified scaffolders
  • 10 numbers of certified gas cutters
  • 3 riggers
  • 3 flag man