Dubai Mall Expansion, Concrete Cutting, Drilling Works & Tunnel Controlled Demolition.

We created solutions for Dubai Mall suitable for its sensitive area where we able to deliver great results.

We provided concrete cutting and core drilling works in addition to removing slabs of concrete in the parking area expanding over of 2,600 square meters.

We worked on crafting the most adequate solution for the situation in regards to design, demolition, and carting away with regards to the high level of safety needed for such a intricate project.

The most challenging part of the project was the decommissioning of the tunnel between Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

Customer Feedback

Case Study

Dubai mall Fashion Avenue Expansion: Significant modifications are required an Expertize company in Demolition solution to optimize the latest technologies and provide a High Quality of services in all dimensional in Demolition Solution such as:

  • Proper Method of statement and Risk assessment.
  • Demolition trade license activities from Dubai and Abu Dhabi government.
  • Over 60 numbers of operators certified experts and more than 12 years of magnificent experience in the field of concrete saw cutting and controlled demolition.
  • Fleet of Equipment Over than 35 saw cutting machines/ controlled machines always available upon the customer request.
  • Expertise Engineering in demolition solution to assess and provide the ultimate solution to be aligned with the customer budget and time frame.

We provided 3D presentation for the client/ consultant for better understanding.

WEM customized solution and value of engineering for each and any application in Dubai mall Expansion fashion avenue continuously for 4 years,

  • Using HILTI wire sawing to Cut the Annex building beams.
  • Executed a plenty of slab/ wall openings using HILTI saw cutting.
  • Removed the old tunnel which leads the visitors to Burj Khalifa dimension of 82 linear meter with height of 5 meter and thickness of 40/60cm, using combination of HILTI saw cutting and wire saw cutting in addition to conventional hammer breakers.
  • Removed the temporary tunnel using Brokk robot machines to break an over head application and removed the ceiling of the tunnel where no alternative access.
  • More than 40,000 core drilling horizontal and vertical, slabs/walls/beam and over head ones
  • Deep hole core drillings continuously 16 linear meter to install drainage pipes.
  • Dry wire sawing opening where water is not allowed using special dry wire rope.
  • Plunge pulley wire openings into depth of 1.2 Meter.
  • Removed over than 60 numbers of GRC panels, the facade of Dubai Mall.
  • Controlled demolition into the parking slabs and beams, using combination of Brokk robot machines along with Hilti saw cutting machines.
  • Pulverizer to crunch the parking slab beams.

WEM provided all the needed resources to execute all the above such as:

Equipment such as:

  • Robot machines
  • Mobile cranes
  • Lifting plan
  • Forklifts
  • Logistic plans
  • Boom loaders
  • Shovels
  • Bob cats and customized lifting solutions.

Removed and cart away all debris generated and concrete cut pieces using Flat trailers, tippers